Spooner Senior Madison

Wisconsin senior Madison’s photo shoot reflected this spunky gal’s style and personality.  She rocked a gorgeous red dress creating some stunning images, love the glamour of the gown against the rugged old train cars.  From climbing on old trains and cars, to Wisconsin fields, to even a dip in the lake, it was an adventure for both Madison and photographer James Netz!

James Netz (c) LR-2


James Netz (c) LR-5

James Netz (c) LR-20711

James Netz (c) LR-2 copyJames Netz (c) LR-20460James Netz (c) LR-2-2James Netz (c) LR-4

James Netz (c) P2-4

James Netz (c) LR-3

James Netz (c) LR-20237

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