Photog Friend Shout Out | Bob Pearl Family - Portrait by James Netz Photography

2 January 2015

I want to thank Jim for the wonderful photos of my family. I’ve been a commercial photographer for 30 plus years and this is the first time we’ve had a family portrait taken. Jim just nailed it. His creativity, command of his media, great personality and grace made the experience incredible. On a more personal note, this past couple of years hasn’t been easy for my family as I have battled cancer. Jim not only took great photos of my family, he gave us a gift that means more to me than just about anything. His support and friendship are overwhelming. He truly is wonderful friend!

from ~ Bob Pearl Photography

James Netz Photography Family Portraits

James Netz Photography captured family portrait of photog friend Bob Pearl & Family

James Netz -17475-edit-PearlFamily

James Netz -17475-edit-PearlFamily