The Catch of his Life! Candice and Dan

Dan made the catch of his life when Candice agreed to be his wife!  What a fun fishing themed engagement shoot in Northern Wisconsin.  Candice and Hayward photographer, James Netz, met when she took one of his photography classes in Winter, WI.  She “reeled” him into working with them not only on their engagement photos, but their wedding this summer.  We are so excited to work again with this fabulous couple.  James Netz encourages couples to get fun and creative with their engagements pics, it’s a perfect opportunity to to tell your unique story.  And if that shoot involves a day on the lake, that’s always a day well spent!

James Netz (c) P-19

James Netz (c) P-5-2 James Netz (c) P-21052 James Netz (c) P-3-2James Netz (c) P-2-2 James Netz (c) P-2-3 James Netz (c) P-5James Netz (c) P-10 James Netz (c) P-4 James Netz (c) P-20973



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