Ho-Chunk Nation’s Memorial Day Pow Wow

Photographer and videographer James Netz was so honored to be invited by the Ho-Chunk Nation’s tribal elders and chiefs to attend and record their traditional Memorial Day Pow Wow, honoring all veterans.  He was even given unprecedented access to the stadium floor to capture theses incredible images and video of the dancers in their full regalia.  Pow wows are a time to come together to sing and dance, to renew old friendships and make new ones.  What a moving experience and wonderful tribute to all of our veterans!

Photos of the event are below, or see our video here:

James Netz (c) P2-4James Netz (c) P2-2-12 James Netz (c) P2-2499 James Netz (c) P2-3534 James Netz (c) P2-3662James Netz (c) P2-2611James Netz (c) P2-4449James Netz (c) P2-2282James Netz (c) P2-2-5James Netz (c) P2-3-3James Netz (c) P2-3550James Netz (c) P2-4359James Netz (c) P2-3963James Netz (c) P2-3580James Netz (c) P2-2976James Netz (c) P2-2844James Netz (c) P2-2750James Netz (c) P2-2532James Netz (c) P2-2513James Netz (c) P2-2477James Netz (c) P2-2437James Netz (c) P2-2004James Netz (c) P2-3-2James Netz (c) P-2

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