Went to a Hockey Rink and an Engagement Session Broke Out!

We had a great time on the ice during this top shelf hockey themed engagement shoot with Twin Cities couple, Nikki and Judd!  Judd was home on leave during active service and got to spend the day with two of his loves, Nikki and hockey. Personal themed shoots like this are a specialty of Twin Cities and Hayward WI photographer, James Netz. This fun winter session will be a great contrast to their upcoming August wedding pictures!

James Netz (c) P-3


James Netz (c) P-27603James Netz (c) P-2-2
James Netz (c) P-3-2James Netz (c) P-2-3James Netz (c) P-2-9

James Netz (c) P-2-4James Netz (c) P-3-4James Netz (c) P-27418James Netz (c) P-2-6James Netz (c) P-27906-2

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